Media interviews

Here is a sample of several media interviews. The link between the articles and what was actually said at the interviews is sometimes loose, but they did spell my name right.

Haaretz (Hebrew): “email is not dead, and there is no secret formula to organizing your inbox”: About our findings in the JASIST paper “Filing, piling and everything in between: The dynamics of email inbox management”

Calcalist (Hebrew): “They did not do their homework”: MOOCs’ move through the hype cycle

Calcalist (Hebrew): “The AI trap: The article robots do not want you to read”: Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and I opine about the future of AI and human employment…

Globes (Hebrew): “The new trends in academia, 2014”:  About MOOCs and other online education trends in higher education

Calcalist (Hebrew): “The end of on-campus education?”: About online academic education

YNET (Hebrew): “A student from Sudan is studying at the Open University”: About the MOOC project at the Open University

Calcalist (Hebrew): “Calcalist panel”: On brain drain in Israeli academia

Harvard Business Review: “Death by information overload”

The Guardian: “The new fast ways of keeping in touch are driving us further apart”