Below are a few selected talks, most of which are in Hebrew. For more videos use this search on Youtube.

My most popular talk on innovation management


A talk at the Israel Internet society on HCI markers


A talk on MOOCs and business models


A talk at the launch of the Technology and Innovation textbook


Liberty, equality, Facebook: A talk on the link between social protest and digital technologies


A talk on innovation and creativity in the corporate world, and their relevance for the K-12 educational system


Two hour symposium on MOOCs. My talk starts at around  32:30 and focuses on innovation and business models in general, and particularly in higher education. BaShaar Friday forum.


Innovation in educational technologies: Myths, hype and reality. A talk given at an event of The Council for Higher Education, Israel.

A seven minute talk on CMC cues


“The attentive computer”: A talk about HCI markers and on what our online language reveals about our health