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Stack of Newspapers

Media interviews

Here is a sample of several media interviews. The link between the articles and what was actually said at the interviews is sometimes loose, but they did spell my name right

Fortune: "Sending an AI bot to your Zoom meetings is the latest office power move, but it’s also a management mistake": I suggest that indiscriminate use of bots in online meetings might disguise other problems. I also suggest how bots could improve online meetings.

Quartz: “Time is a strong but rarely recognized power construct in the workplace”: On time and power in the contemporary workplace.

Haaretz (Hebrew): “What is the difference between a teacher and a washing machine?”: A blog post on innovation in educational technologies, on the futility of trying to replace teachers with technology, and on the potential of educational technologies to enhance and empower human teaching.

Haaretz (Hebrew): “email is not dead, and there is no secret formula to organizing your inbox”: About our findings in the JASIST paper “Filing, piling and everything in between: The dynamics of email inbox management”

Calcalist (Hebrew): “They did not do their homework”: MOOCs’ move through the hype cycle

Calcalist (Hebrew): “The AI trap: The article robots do not want you to read”: Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and I opine about the future of AI and human employment…

Globes (Hebrew): “The new trends in academia, 2014”:  About MOOCs and other online education trends in higher education

Calcalist (Hebrew): “The end of on-campus education?”: About online academic education

YNET (Hebrew): “A student from Sudan is studying at the Open University”: About the MOOC project at the Open University

Calcalist (Hebrew): “Calcalist panel”: On brain drain in Israeli academia

Harvard Business Review: “Death by information overload”

The Guardian: “The new fast ways of keeping in touch are driving us further apart”

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